6.0% ABV

Myriad strains of brettanomyces are the foundation for Ludia's adventurous and ever-changing spirit; she is tart with provocative notes of tropical funk. Enjoy in high feather

Flida Mae

6.0% ABV

An ode to flanders; Flida Mae's bouquet of microflora overlays a complex yet structured amalgam of grain. She is a wild American Copper Ale, tart, with a sherry-fruit sweetness. Enjoy in high feather.

Evolution of the Barrel

6.7 ABV

Sour Golden Ale. A blend of one, two and three year old sour golden ale fermented and aged in oak barrels. Brewed with respect to Belgian lambic tradition.

viejo rojo

Viejo Rojo

7.0% ABV

This lambic style beers is aged two years in oak cabernet barrels with fresh cherries and blueberries. Batches are carefully blended for a dark burgundy-colored ale that is tart with a warm, sweet finish.

Available in bottles.

Blood Orange Saison

6.0% ABV

Multiculture Saison with blood orange zest and juice.

Available on draft and in bottles.

passion pale

Passion Pale Ale

5.5% ABV

Pale Ale fermented with mango and passion fruit juice. Tropical fruits leave your tastebuds dancing on the open sands of a crisp and flavorful ale, while your nose swims in the nectar of floral aromatic hops.

Available on draft and in bottles.

mars hotel

Mars Hotel

5.4% ABV

A slightly tart and hop forward Lactobacillus Pale Ale using Amarillo, Citra, El Dorado and Nelson Sauvin hops. Check-in. It's time to get funky.

Available in bottles.

biere de garde

Biere De Garde

5.9% ABV

An ale created from a blend of sherry barrel-aged and barrel fermented batches. Using both Saison and Brettanomyces yeasts adds a peppery and tart character to the malty backbone and delicate hop aroma.

Available in bottles and on draft.

Smoke Maibock

7.8% ABV

Bourbon barrel-aged lager beer brewed with beechwood smoked barley. Put on your smoking jacket and relax with us and this small batch pale lager aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels. The dry nuances of smoke are in contrast to the usually large-bodied bourbon barrel-aged ales we also enjoy.

Available in bottles and on draft.

Old Bayard

7.0% ABV

Brett conditioned brown ale aged in wine barrels. Bayard - A horse with mysterious powers ridden by the 4 Brothers of Aymon in their revolt against Emperor Charlemagne in 12th Century France. Although Charglemagne prevailed and took Bayard, the horse later made a dramatic escape to live eternally in the forests of Belgium.

Available in bottles and on draft.

Hot Pants

3.0% ABV

100% Lactobacillus fermented wheat beer.

Tart, crisp, and citrus forward, this is our "lemonade" on a hot day. "PantsBier" is our series of lacto-fermented, German-style session beers. Our first installment; Hot Pants is inspired by our love for Berliner Weisse.

Available in bottles and on draft.