Reno Noir

8.0% ABV

Barrel aged dark ale. A lightly roasted dark ale with hints of chocolate covered dried fruits. Aged on tart cherries in port barrels for 14 months.

Midnight in Reno

8.0% ABV

An imperial stout conditioned with a proprietary blend of wild yeast and bacteria, finished with raspberries. The wild orchid of dark ales.


7.8% ABV

Hybrid ale age in oak barrels and blended with Northern California Malbec grapes. Fruity, dry, effervescent and deep rouge color.


6.2% ABV

A full-bodied, yet sessionable rustic multi-grain Farmhouse Ale.

Available in bottles and on draft.



6.0 ABV

Straight from the woods of the Sierra Nevada range, our Porter is dry, roasty and malt forward. You may not be hunkered down in a mountain cabin, but let this beer take you there.

Available in bottles and on draft.

Hop Song

6.4% ABV

The tropic deities play their electric ukuleles while sipping this beer. They nurture their bellies daily to assure they have a plump and round sitting place for their instruments. A tropic god took pieces of the sun and melted them into the brew. Today, elders from a nearby village ensure harmony within the aroma by dry-hopping it. Now, the beer suds hum tropic lullabies across the beaches and mountain tops.

Available in bottles and on draft.

hop dragon

Hop Dragon

8.0% ABV

Fear stalks the land as this big, bold West Coast style double IPA brings a monstrosity of aromatic hops.

Available on draft.

party boy

Party Boy

6.2% ABV

100% Brett fermented IPA. It's time to saddle up and drink some galactic liquids. Each sip may have you slinging comets of Neptune, tossing rings of Saturn, and juggling the moons of Venus. Wild sparks of the universe burst and make you swim in space while chewing bubble gum and clanking around in purple boots. Dry, juicy, floral, tropical, and ever-evolving as it remains unfiltered.

Available in bottles and on draft.

Higashino Farmhouse

6.0% ABV

Brewed from our appreciation for Asian cuisine, we've used Szechuan peppercorns, Asian pear juice, Sorachi Ace hops, toasted brown rice, and green tea to accent the character of our signature yeast blend containing Brettanomyces.

Available in bottles and on draft.

French Pils

5.4% ABV

Our love for traditional lagers and French saisons has come to a head. This pilsner-style beer fermented with our house Saison blend brings slight spice and esters to the simple, but clean malt bill for a crisp and refreshing beer. A votre santé.

Available on draft and in bottles.